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Why do I need Heating and AC checkups?
Here’s The 6 Big Reasons Why.

1. Carbon Monoxide
Every time your home furnace turns on, it generates carbon monoxide. That C02 is supposed to be inside a sealed metal chamber and vented out the flue pipe exhaust. Sometimes the heat exchanger can crack or the flue can be blocked or not pitched right. Either way the cause can be unwanted carbon monoxide finding it’s way into the homes livable or breathable space. Safety is the number one priority, That is why when we perform a winter time heating system check up. We inspect the flue and heat exchanger first to be sure your family is safe  and can rest assured and worry free.
2. Compressors
A new compressor will turn on and pull a normal amp draw like 8-20 amps but a compressor that is starting to seize up inside will show it by pulling more power to get started. Example: A failing compressor might pull 30+ or even 60+ amps on start or for the first ½ a second then drop down to pulling constant 8-20 amps depending on size. This symptom is a preview to doom, but we can slow down the degrade by installing a start capacitor. A start capacitor will help the compressor get started so it doesn’t have to pull all that power to get started.

3. Insulating and Sealing
During maintenance or whatever you call it. You should always look for broken seals anywhere around your return air or supply air ductwork connections. Leaky duct work can more than double the hvac portion of the energy bill and bring in a whole lot of unwanted dust debris and allergens. It’s very easy to simply crawl through the attic and inspect for leaks.

4. Burning Wires

During a central air conditioning checkup, we are looking for wires that may be showing signs of fatigue or burning. Catching them now and repairing or replacing them before they burn completely off can save you a compressor or a motor.

5. Dirty or Rusted Coils
You always need to inspect both the condenser coil and the evaporator coil to verify that they are not rusted or clogged with dirt. If a coil is rusty we know it could rust a hole and all the Freon leaks out or through the bottom and water leaks out all through the attic. With the potential for this type of damage we always inspect both coils before giving a system the all clear.

6. Drain Pans and Lines
Air Conditioning produces water. Clearing of the drain lines is very important as they do exactly what they sound like, they drain water outside. If these clog up, the water could back up and overflow, destroying your ceiling. That’s why it’s important to blow both drain lines out with a high pressure inert gas like nitrogen. It’s also important to inspect the drain pan for rust as you know what happens when the bottom of the unit rust’s a hole in itself, “can you say water leak”.

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