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Buy a one our HVAC systems, and we give you FREE air filters for a Year!! 
With a combined 40 years experience, Infinity HVAC LLC ensures our customers the very best service we can offer!

"​INFINITE"​​ Maintenance Program

Regularly scheduled maintenance on your home or business cooling and heating equipment will keep it running efficiently and effectively, saving you both money and resources over time.

The "INFINITE" Maintenance plan is a service plan that is designed to not only maintain your furnace and air conditioner, but insure that they are running in peak performance.  Included in this plan, we will clean and service your furnace every fall, and your air conditioner every spring.  You will receive a filter change or cleaning at each service. 

There will also be tests done on your equipment in order to make sure they are running the way they should.  Your furnace will get a combustion analysis, check gas pressure, check temperature rise, as well as many other points of inspection.  Your air conditioner will be checked for proper amperages, suction and discharge pressures, superheat, as well as many other points of inspection.  If it looks like a part is getting close to failing, you will be notified. It will then be up to you whether you would like to take action at that point, or wait for another time.

"INFINITE" Plan holders will also receive discounts if a service call is unexpected and needed any other time of the year.  There will not be any after hour charges. PLUS we will ensure you receive the lowest prices available!

The cost of a "INFINITE" Plan for a year is
$119.90 for the first time sign up, which gets you 2 visits, which are only $59.95 per visit. (Spring & Fall) **$39.95 for any additional systems.** 

**Additional charges ($15.00) for Electronic Air Cleaners, Humidifiers, Specialty Filters, etc.**

                         So to recap:
                      More efficient running furnace and air conditioner!

The plan is cheaper than 2 tune-ups that are not part of the "INFINITE" plan!

Top Priority on service calls.
Members receive discounts.

Never an after hour charge for "INFINITE" Members!

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